How to write code with ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence has advanced significantly in many areas during the past few years. An example of an AI innovation that has become extremely popular in natural language processing is ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a potent tool for developers since it can also be used to create code. In this article and through our platform Jumbleon, we will examine ChatGPT’s coding capabilities and the benefits of using it.

What exactly is ChatGPT?

Based on the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 architecture , ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model created by Open AI . To comprehend and produce text that is human-like , it employs deep learning algorithms. ChatGPT is renoChatGPT is renowned for its remarkable capacity to produce responses that sound natural, giving it the perfect tool for applications like chatbot, language translation, and text completion. In addition and with the help of ChatGPT  an AI powered natural language processing tool, you can communicate with the chatbot in a variety of ways that are like human. The language model may help you with many things like writing emails, essays, and code as well as provide answers to your inquires.

Is ChatGPT able to write code?

Despite not being created with the intention of writing code, ChatGPT can help. ChatGPT can evaluate and comprehend code snippets using machine learning methods, and it can also create new code according on the input it receives.

How can I write code using ChatGPT?

It’s simple to write code using ChatGPT. You must include a prompt and generate a piece of code that corresponds to the description. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for using ChatGPT to create code:

·        You can start off easy to understand. Requesting ChatGPT to create code In  a language of your choice is easy. The code will be output right away. In addition to writing code, you may also implement.

·        To get better code output , you can also specify ChatGPT’s function at first. Here is an illustration that will prompt ChatGPT to make an android app as a demonstration that prompts users to hydrate at regular intervals. Then, it began by thoroughly describing each step, such as which IDE to use, which SDK level to aim for, whether to use Java or Kotlin, and more.

·        I contacted ChatGPT for help when I wasn’t sure which choice to choose, and it gave me a clear summary of the options.

·        We requested ChatGPT to write the Kotlin code after all the necessary tools were in place. It produced the code for an app for Android that was intended for API levels higher than 7.0.

·        We undoubtedly had a lot of issues during the initial run, but we also used ChatGPT to address them . To have the AI bot examine the problem and correct the error, you only need to paste the error message into ChatGPT. Additionally, you may paste the entire code block into ChatGPT and request that the AI scan it for flaws.

·        The app could eventually be used after numerous back-and-forth efforts. It’s insane that you can use ChatGPT to write and build apps without any prior experience, despite the fact that it’s a basic app. Developing Android apps in particular requires some level of coding and logical reasoning, but overall, ChatGPT makes programming very approachable for non- technical people.

ChatGPT supports which coding languages?

The enormous and varied range of internet material that ChatGPT has been exposed to during it’s training, including code from numerous programming languages, is what it has done. It may therefore be useful for coding in different languages.

·        Python: A powerful general purpose programming language that is frequently used for creating websites and software, analyzing data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.

·        Java Script: A scripting language that is largely used to improve interactivity and offer rich web content . Along with HTML and CSS, it is a vital component of web development.

·        Java: An advanced, object oriented programming language that is frequently used to create large scale business applications. The phrase write once, run anywhere has become synonymous with it.

·        Programming languages for general purpose applications with low level memory manipulation capabilities is called C++ . It is frequently employed in the creation of embedded systems, games, and software for systems.

·        Ruby: An interpreted, high level programming language with a focus on productivity and simplicity. With the Ruby on Rails framework in particular, it is often used for web application development.

·        Swift: A programming language designed by Apple for the creation of apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It’s renowned for it’s ease of use and security features.

There are only examples, ChatGPT can also accept queries involving other programming languages. The complexity of the task and the degree of specificity of the programming language , however, may have an impact on the effectiveness.

AI’s role in the future of coding

The advantages and possibilities of this ground breaking technology are difficult to overlook, despite the difficulties and complexity involved in applying AI to coding. Coding may be made easier and more effective with AI models like ChatGPT. As we continue to develop and innovate these AI technologies, we get closer to a day when the fusion of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence can produce amazing results.

With the arrival of AI tools like ChatGPT, the world of coding is currently undergoing a rapid evolution, ushering in a period of higher productivity and efficiency. The potential advantages outweigh the disadvantages even though there may be some obstacles to overcome.

Using ChatGPT to write code may appear to be a difficult undertaking, but with the proper knowledge and technique, it may greatly ease your coding process and change the way you approach development chores. We uncover a new universe of opportunities as we research and comprehend the potential of AI in coding, allowing us to more effectively tackle challenging issues.

Over all, powerful equipment like ChatGPT can help with coding. ChatGPT can generate precise and effective code solutions by applying machine learning techniques to examine and comprehend code fragments. Even if it doesn’t completely replace human programmers, it can increase efficiency and coding precision.





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