How to use ChatGPT API in python

Do you wish to improve the intelligence and conversational skills of your chatbot? And you need look no farther than ChatGPT by Open AI . Modern conversational AI, ChatGPT, is capable of comprehending natural language questions and providing responses that resemble those of a human. Using the ChatGPT API and the open AI library, this post will show you how to access this potent tool.

So, in this article and through our platform Jumbleon , we will talk about the steps of how to use ChatGPT API in python.

What is ChatGPT API?

ChatGPT and the unavoidable uses for it. There are many purposes for ChatGPT, and we will be talking about one of its helpful applications today. Everything around us seems to be becoming automated by various AI models employing various AI and Machine Learning approaches and chatbot using python. Let’s learn a little bit about ChatGPT first before proceeding on to its application.

The company Open AI creates ChatGPT. Large language model constructed using the GPT-3.5 architecture. It’s a a particular kind of AI chatbot that can accept user input and provide answers that are human-like. A huge dataset was used to train ChatGPT, a well -trained AI that is capable of a variety of tasks thanks to that training. It is a useful tool for customer service, personal assistants, and other situations where natural language processing is needed because it is made to mimic a real interaction. There are many uses for ChatGPT, including automation, assistance, and customer service.

How can python programmers use the ChatGPT API?

Here, we will go over every step needed to use the ChatGPT API in python. We can access ChatGPT’s functionalities using python code thanks to its API, which eliminates the need for us to visit the ChatGPT website and submit support tickets.

Step1: Register with Open AI and log in to your account.

Step2: As seen in the figure below, after looking in, select “personal” from the top-right menu, followed by “ view API keys” .

Step3: The “ create new secret key” button is present on a page with API keys once step 2 has been completed. Clucking on it generates a secret key, which you should copy and save somewhere else in case you need it later( for example, Notepad) .

Step4: At this point, launch any coding editor or an online notebook, such as Google colab notebook to install the Open AI library in python with the command listed below . By running the command shown below in the terminal or command prompt while using any other code editor, you can install the Open AI library in python.

Step5: Import the Open AI library and save the generated key in the below- mentioned variable .

Step6: Create a context for the ChatGPT API, which is used to instruct the API what to perform by means of a JSON file. Since we are designing this for users and ChatGPT is a system, we have defined the role as well as the content in this.

Step7: the remaining code is located here.

·        In order to communicate with the ChatGPT API periodically without running the same code over and over, we are employing an infinite while loop.

·        The user’s input is collected in the second line and saved in the variable “message” .

·        If a user enters a query, only then do we enter the if condition, create a JSON , and append it to the JSON file that was created in step6, after which we construct the conversation using open AI . Chat completion. Create

·        Utilizing the print method, print the response that was saved in the variable “reply”.

How much does the ChatGPT API cost?

The text- Davinci-003 API , which is the most potent one available from Open AI , costs 0.02$ every 1,000 tokens . Each token corresponds to a passage of text that is roughly 750 words long.

Open AI revealed substantial cost savings for ChatGPT in a blog post from March 2023. They were able to cut the cost by 90% from December 2022 to now because to system optimizations. This cost reduction is reflected in the recently released gpt-3.5 turbo model, which is made especially for conversation. The original text davinci-003 model costs 0.003$, whereas the gpt-3.5 turbo model costs only 0.002$ per 1,000 tokens.

Even developers on a tight budget can more easily include the ChatGPT API into their aps using the interface offered by Open AI’s ChatGPT API . Developers can use it to perform API calls to the ChatGPT model, passing in a prompt and getting a response returned by the model in return.

For ChatGPT, is there an app?

Unofficial ChatGPT integration is possible with the open AI platform thanks to its official API. Web designers can quickly incorporate potent communication capabilities into current software applications by using this Open AI API.

How can I find the best python programmer to work for me?

Numerous years of experience working on development projects are required for skilled python developers, consider their prior experience in the field and their project warranty. In order to gain a thorough understanding of the quality of their work, it’s also a good idea to confirm a former project or look up client reviews. Before hiring python developers, there are a number of things to consider, such as the scope of the project, the intended audience and the technology stack.

In conclusion, combining python and ChatGPT API enables you to take use of conversational models that are Powered by AI . You may make the most of ChatGPT and develop interesting, interactive applications by following the instructions provided in this article. Accept the potential of conversational AI and give people smooth, customized experiences. In addition, Open AI offers examples, documentation, and guidelines on its website to help you get started using ChatGPT and incorporate it into your products or services, so if you want to know more details about this ChatGPT API you should visit our platform.





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