How to use Chat GPT to write a blog post

In the field of AI and ML, Chat GPT is a very spectacular invention. Notably, decades of toil went into building the transformer system that powers the AI Chabot. Although modified to respond effectively to discussions, it is based on the GPT-3.5 model. It is able to comprehend natural language and give the same responses. When instructed, Chat GPT may generate text, write emails, create original content like poems and codes, and summarize any historical event. But I must emphasize that the quality of any Large Language Model depends entirely on the dataset it was trained on. As a result, it cannot be completely disregarded that the response will be prejudiced in one direction or another, particularly when it comes to important themes like race, and current events.

 How to use Chat GPT to write a blog post

There are several considerations you must make if you plan to use Chat GPT to create a blog post that is organized and SEO friendly:

Chat GPT can be used to research your topic

What do you do when you have an idea for a blog post on a certain topic? You conduct your research and get knowledgeable about the situation and subject. You try to build a structure and a plot after reading a few articles and gathering information. All of that is now possible with Chat GPT as well. If you treat it like one, it will behave as your personal assistant. You can learn enough information and facts about Pablo Picasso, his painting, and the background of “The weeping woman” in particular with the help of straightforward commands and prompts like “What works of art did Pablo Picasso create during his lifetime? Who was  Pablo Picasso? “ and “Describe the paintings ( a series) titled “The weeping woman? “ You will be aware that the sobbing woman was Dora Maar, Picasso’s mistress and muse. These works by Picasso are closely related to the symbolism of his painting Guernica since they were produced in response to the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.

You must be aware of the facts as you gather essential information for your blog’s informative and substantive content and do research for your blog’s title. To avoid spreading false information, you must thoroughly verify any facts you don’t personally know.

Request a wireframe from Chat GPT

Even when writing something as straightforward as a blog article, people frequently deviate from the course they originally intended to take. In fact, many people have trouble getting off a strong start. But first, where should we begin? You could, for example, ask Chat GPT to “ Write a blog on abcd abcd abcd” and it would almost likely do so, or you can choose to start the wireframe for your own tale by saying “Create a wireframe for me”. At this point, I must point out that Chat GPT cannot create a quality blog article, you must do that for yourself. And there are numerous explanations for it. First of all, it lacks emotional intelligence, which causes the posts to frequently be straightforward and uninteresting. Although being direct isn’t terrible, I like direct blog posts because, believe it or not, AI isn’t very good at telling stories or creating new things. However, these blogs must still have the human element that we humans want.

Second, the settings! Unfortunately, Chat GPT won’t pick up on your context or where you want it to go. The training dataset for Chat GPT is another restriction. What does it matter if it trained using a dataset of approximately 6 billion parameters and 570GB of text and codes? Its dataset is also historical. Self-admittedly, Chat GPT is unable to respond to questions regarding events that will take place after 2024, such as the FIFA 2023, the US Open in 2024, Qatar, or the recently held Super Bowl, where Rihanna wowed the crowd with her jaw-dropping performance.

Check The Facts At ChatGPT That Seem Odd

Yes, I did forewarn you that LLMs occasionally produce erroneous content, but you can always double-check. If you ask ChatGPT to fact-check a specific claim it made, it might acknowledge the error there. Additionally, be accurate.

To ensure that your content is factually accurate and doesn’t spread misinformation, you must also fact-check on other widely-cited sites.

Create An SEO-Friendly Blog With ChatGPT

You can utilize Chat GPT to optimize your blog article for search engines. For those who are unfamiliar with SEO, it is important to realize that once your material has been published, Google will rank it according to three factors: expertise, authority and trustworthiness. So, make sure to focus on all three. In addition, use ChatGPT to find pertinent keywords that relate to the topics of your blogs. Additionally, you can ask ChatGPT to develop embeddable components and improvements to make your material more linkable and raise its Google content ranking.

You can also request that ChatGPT perform content clustering, which will improve the Google Search Engine’s analysis of your material and help it rank higher.


Using ChatGPT to create blog posts is a fantastic idea, and you may utilize the above-mentioned suggestions and tactics, but always keep in mind that AI LLM will probably fall short when it comes to context, facts, and a personal touch. ChatGPT should be used intelligently and more as a writer’s assistence than a writer.

 What things should a blogger remember when utilizing Chat GPT to write a blog post?

When using Chat GPT to write a blog post, there are a few key considerations that a blogger must make. Chat GPT can be used by the blogger to:

·        Study the subject

·        Establish a wireframe

·        Improve the blog’s SEO

 What are Chat GPT’s blog authoring restrictions?

There are a few restrictions with Chat GPT, including the following:

·        Unable to produce quality blog post.

·        Threr is no emotional intelligence included.

·        It is not a talented writer or creator.

·        ChatGPT won’t take into account your context or the path you wish it to take.

·         The training dataset of Chat GPT is a constraint.

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