How to talk to ChatGPT through Siri

We are continually in awe of artificial intelligence (AI) miracles in today’s technologically advanced society. And what’s this? Your iPhone experience is about to change because to ChatGPT and Siri, two amazing AI technology Siri is the voice assistant that makes things convenient and hands-on free, while ChatGPT is your go- to champion for generating human- like text and lively chats. Imagine combining these abilities to bring your iPhone to a completely new level of interaction and productivity. This post will demonstrate how to use ChatGPT’s Siri integration with ease so you can go around the internet like a pro. Prepare yourself for an adventure where your iPhone serves as your ultimate AI partner.

How to talk to ChatGPT through Siri

The voice assistant Siri was added to Apple gadgets which has helped many failed life endeavors. From making calls to setting regular reminders, Siri is capable of a wide range of functions. The intelligence of Siri may occasionally fall short of providing some answers, through the alignment of Siri which ChatGPT can get around this. An AI messaging board called ChatGPT can offer the best responses from the entire internet. Together, these may provide more help and better experiences than ever before. So in this article we will outline the requirements and a step- by- step tutorial for linking Siri and ChatGPT.

Steps of using ChatGPT with Siri

The steps of integrating ChatGPT with Siri on your IPhone or iPad are listed below:

1-     Install the Siri GPT shortcuts app

Both the iPhone and Mac have access to the shortcuts app through the Apple Store. From there, you may download it. ChatGPT can be utilized on both devices since we may use this shortcut on both them.

2-     Purchase an API key for ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a property of open AI. You must have an Open AI account to access it’s services and use the ChatGPT. Any legitimate email address can be used to join up for it for free. To register for an Open AI account, adhere to the instructions. Installation and use of ChatGPT services on your iPhone require the ChatGPT API key. This key can be accessed by anyone with an open AI account. You must log in using your Open AI account at platforms. Then click create new secret key to continue. You will receive a special API key as a result, which you may use to access all the services. Copy the API key and rename the file. Remember that this key is one- time generated and you can go back and receive the same API Key, therefore, be careful when copying and saving.

3-     Add API Key to ChatGPT

The integration of ChatGPT with Siri is only possible via a few shortcuts. There are several shortcuts in iCloud that can connect to Siri and ChatGPT and carry out functions. The following are some of the most popular online shortcuts( SiriGPT, ChatGPT)

Benefits of talking to ChatGPT with Siri

There are many profits of connecting ChatGPT with Siri some of them are:

1-     Improve the personalization:

Based on your search history, Siri will engage with you, answer, comprehend you, and make recommendations. Siri can function more effectively when engaging with ChatGPT if it has access to and can evaluate your search history. As a result, more customized services are offered based on your preferences and interests.

2-     Additional Results

When two AI technologies are combined, more information can be learned. The outcomes that are on your desk may represent the finest of both AI knowledge sets if an extensive search base is available. This can improve the quality more significantly.

3-     Productivity

Despite the fact that Siri has the ability to set alarms and schedules. However, ChatGPT can assist in scheduling analysis and the development of a more thorough and healthy plan. This may result in some thoroughly researched regimens that have been shown to be successful.

Updates of Siri ChatGPT

There are many updates of Siri ChatGPT to be more effective and productive some of them are:

 Create an assistant style: You can do this right now. Tell GPT to be somber, depressed, or sarcastic, translate everything into Spanish, and provide very brief or lengthy responses. You are free to decide for yourself, and you can alter it at any time by altering the setup variable directly in the code.

Natural conversation conclusion: you may always say that to wrap up the conversation and put a stop to the shortcut. The phrase “thank you”, “Alright”, ”understood” and many others work with it. GPT will recognize when you’re finished and halt the shortcut.

 Better chat organization: in GPT- 3, a conversation consists of a long text was sent when it was submitted to the GPT- server, and with each message, it grew larger and larger, using an increasing number of tokens. The discussion is now sent as an array containing single messages, each with a role system, assistant, or user, under GPT- 4( really, it changed under GPT- 3.5 Turbo). Under the hood, this optimize, but it makes the following upgrade possible.

Taken over: I’m erasing your conversations earlier/older text right now. The number of messages transmitted to the server is now limited to a maximum of 10( configurable), which lowers the number of tokens that are charged to your credit card. The two oldest messages( assistant/user), if there are 12total in your chat( system, assistant, user), will be deleted. The older mails won’t be detrimental because GPT always provides some context in its responses.

Recap: your chat isn’t lost if you end the shortcut by closing it or, in speak mode, if you don’t respond quickly enough and shortcut is ended. It’s kept in the local files of your iPhone. The prior discussion will be imported again if you reactivate the shortcut within 20 seconds, allowing you to carry on in the previous context, Really cool!.

In conclusion, personalization ChatGPT Siri’s system is a simple and enjoyable approach to give your AI assistant a unique identity while also enhancing it’s effectiveness and capability.



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